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I grew up in the Netherlands where I studied Graphic Art and Design and started my own studio as a graphic designer working on Corporate identity, brochures, advertisements, websites, shop windows, advertising agencies. Tattoos always fascinated me I have uncountable tattoos, my first one being 1995 and I was inspired to apply my design background to this field. So, I went to a private tattoo school in the Netherlands and I have been a tattoo artist since 2015 with my own shop in the Netherlands.

In 2019, I moved to Portland, Oregon,  with my wife to (fill in the blank). And seeing how popular tattoos are here, I am once again feeling inspired and want to start designing again. I have my Oregon Tattoo Health License and my ultimate goal is to have my own tattoo shop right here in Portland. In Portland OR I worked in various tattoo shops, so I have experience in international tattooing that I want to continue in Beusichem.

January 2021 I live and work again as a tattoo artist in the Netherlands, in my own tattoo shop in Beusichem.


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